Cost $375/student

July 18-22

Our Deep-Sea Camp was the first camp we started in 2007. Campers will meet at the Riviera Beach Marina, where they will board the Thea Marie, our 49-passenger, Coast Guard-inspected, handicapped-accessible catamaran, riding this floating classroom to snorkeling and fishing locations off central Palm Beach County. As a bonus, our camp will include a strong dose of character-building, leadership opportunities and other life lessons, and will be open to disabled and able-bodied students alike. This camp is limited to 30 passengers.


This is what it will look like:


Students learn these valuable lessons:

  • Fishing safety: Lessons on how to be safe around the water, motors and when using hooks and other sharp objects
  • Fish facts: Lessons on fish identification, distinguishing characteristics, habitats, feeding preferences and bag limits
  • Tackle: Lessons on rod & reel assembly, types of tackle, types of knots, how to select tackle for specific species of fish and tackle maintenance
  • Casting: Lessons on casting using several types of reels
  • Bait: Lessons on types of live bait, how to catch bait (cast net, dip net), artificial bait
  • Fishing: Lessons on how to fish (species-specific), catch and release techniques fish stringers and cooler use and hands-on fishing
  • Fish biology: Lessons on description of fisheries management techniques and local fisheries projects
  • Scientific procedures: Lessons on fish dissection and otolith removal for aging fish
  • Fish cleaning: Scaling, skinning and filleting
  • Fishing tournaments: Learning about boat and shore categories and categories for different species of fish


Students learn these valuable lessons:

  • Snorkeling safety
  • Aquatic Food Chain: Using dip nets for collection of organisms for magnifier box and stereoscope observation, aquatic plant identification, wading birds and reptiles
  • Hands-On Lessons: Engaging in activities on Peanut Island that make it fun for students to learn about the natural environment